Problem: The customer owns a textile store with 25% open area in the cover of translucent corrugated plastic already degraded by inclement weather. Another concern is the presence of fireworks or any external source of fire, the plastic of the skylights could become a risk to the inside. On the other hand, fabrics are so sensitive to ultraviolet light, and thus block them from such radiation becomes a necessity.

Solution. A polycarbonate skylight with high fire resistance of white simple glazing to contain the cost of the system, so FlexLite SUNTITE HD 4′ x 8′ was the optimal solution with an open area only of 3% is enough to gain required lighting rate.

Results. The SUNTITE solid polycarbonate skylights are fire proof and provide impact resistance, besides PC possesses unbeatable features to block UV rays. This was supported by UV radiation sensor measure made by FlexLite staff.

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