FlexLite Domes - Autoservice - Before

Original cover with yellow and brittle translucent.
Abundant heat admittance and leaks with few lighting.

FlexLite Domes - Autoservice - After

Prismatic skylights Solution.

Problem: Considering that buildings with air conditioning, natural daylighting with plastic corrugated or cell tapes generates too much heat transfer and elevates the consumption of air-conditioning, the customer requires a solution to minimize open area in the cover and be able to block the heat radiation and ultraviolet light inside the building, preserving or improving lighting indexes that the customer has specified.

Solution: FlexLite staff made a photometry. It showed was possible to decrease from 10% to 3.5% the open area without impact on daylighting intensity. It was proposed a prismatic skylight of double glazed windows to reduce the passage of heat and UV rays.

Results: The client attained savings in air-conditioning consumption and investment recovery of FlexLite skylights in few years. The light inside also change from the yellow to white spectrum, which by the self-cleaning effect of the FlexLite skylights, will not reduce the intensity and color of light with years.

FlexLite Domes - Auto-service

FlexLite Domes - Auto-service

Daylighting with prismatic skylights assured a constant and abundant daylighting only with 3.5% of open area. Even in perishable products area, skylights are installed to block 100% of UV radiation.