Residential Skylight

Residential Skylight

FlexLite’s Residential Skylights are the most effective low-cost choice for residential applications. Ideal for closed space daylight assuring perfect seal protection, free of rain, humidity, dust, wind or hail infiltration.

FlexLite Skylights are made of tempered architectural grade 6063 T5 extruded aluminum including gutter for condensed humidity; installable over concrete bases or foil curbs.

The high impact resistance acrylic glazing filters the ultraviolet rays (UV) passage. The glazing is guaranteed for 10 years against yellowing or premature cracking. The shape is a self-cleaning design avoiding dust and dirt accumulation.


FlexLite skylights allow no direct light passage to the interior. Illuminate closed areas as a lamp of 400 to 1200W. The bubble shape is designed to allow a diffusion and scattering of light, thus avoiding heat concentration points. Opalescent finishing provides a white and warm light, free of hot spots.


Is the best choice for living rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, lobbies, corridors, kitchen and dining room applications and also in house-room type buildings, day-care homes, sports clubs, schools.



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