Become acquainted with the most complete products selection for every residential, architectural, commercial and industrial requirement of daylight applications.

  • FLEXLITE – Industrial / Commercial Line
  • LUMINA SERIES. Acrylic prismatic skylights in commercial and industrial sizes both single and double glazing.
  • SUNTITE SERIES. Polycarbonate Industrial skylights in standard sizes both single and double glazing. Designed for high impact resistance, fire, wind and hail applications in accordance with Factory Mutual standards.

Comprehensive solutions for natural daylight:


Allow no direct light passage within the building. Illuminate closed areas as you were using a lamp of 400 to 1200W. The bubble shape of the…


Lumina HD and Lumina HDLQ models are designed to replace partially or totally artificial lighting during the day in facilities…


FlexLite SUNTITE models allow the efficient passage of light and provide hermetic seal on extreme weather and risk conditions.

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