Success histories - Industry - Before

Previous System.
Ribbed foil with translucent acrylic.

Success histories - Industry - After

TPO system and LUMINA 5′ x 6 ‘ Skylights implementation.

Problem: The customer has a high technology packaging line in the building. The rainy season creates a number of leaks through existing translucent foils, and temperatures inside the building reach up to 10°C above the ambient temperature. The customer needs a high index of lighting and its cover has an open area of 25%.

Solution. To define existing temperatures inside and outside the plant it was performed a study before de thermographic system change. This was followed by a photometric study and it was found that FlexLite skylights will need only 5% of open area to reach optimal lighting. Prismatic skylight of double glazing FlexLite LUMINA DH-LQ of 5′ x 6′ was the choice and to assure a waterproof seal, there were used curbs of foil thermally insulated and lined with TPO membrane.

Results. It was possible to reduce the thermic gain inside by 80%. Now the temperature inside the building is only 1 to 2 degrees Celsius above the outside temperature and this is due to the heat generated by machinery. Now, staff works with more comfortable temperatures and its performance and concentration is greater than ever.

Thermographic Diagnostic - 01

Thermographic Diagnostic - 02

Thermographic analysis demonstrates an important heat transfer through translucent and metallic foils.