Commercial Skylight

LUMINA HDLQ Commercial Skylight


LUMINA HD models offer high resistance through the external lens of ArmaSHELL technology in combination with optical prismatic scattering, optimizes daylight entry. For commercial or industrial applications, the best alternative in a single ply, grants the best of three worlds: high strength, high brightness, low cost.

The tempered architectural grade 6063 T5 extruded aluminum double sturdy frame and acrylic prismatic glazing type CC2, meets UL flame spread standards. The FlexLite LUMINA skylight with snapping technology means a boltless assembly.

Perimeter weatherproof seal hermetically protects from rain, wind, hail and dust, even in the most extreme conditions. Shows great performance in hot/warm environment. 15 years guaranteed glazing against yellowing and fluting and filters ultraviolet rays (UV).


The HD models in industrial and commercial facilities, replaces partially or totally artificial lighting during day. They also embody the best solution to traditional corrugated translucent foils, with the advantage of equal or better daylight in less opened areas because of its ability to collect and scatter light. FlexLite Lumina HD skylights air and water tightness seal in addition with the curbs FlexLite INSTA-DRY achieves an operation virtually maintenance-free in metal covers or Single-Ply membranes.


Ideal for buildings (warehouses, retail shops, storehouses, assembly plants and factories) in warm environments or not requiring air-conditioning; over corrugated metal covers, ring-file, three layers or panel type; over single-ply covers with membranes TPO, EPDM or PVC.



LUMINA HDLQ Commercial Skylight


FlexLite LUMINA HDLQ family technology combines strength, long term performance and reduced heat transfer in commercial and industrial lighting. LUMINA HDLQ models exploit the prismatic optical in all their models.

The double prismatic lens system generates an air bag, thus dissipating heat generation when air circulates within this, and offers a naturally insulating layer which filters the heat transfer, taking full advantage of visible light spectrum.

LUMINA HDLQ models are made of tempered architectural grade 6063 T5 extruded double aluminum frame with a condensation gutter and snap-on anchorage system boltless. In combination with the FlexLite INSTA-DRY curb, you gain a perfect seal ensuring tightness even in the harshest conditions of rain, moisture, dust and hail.

ArmaSHELL technology offers a mechanical resistance exceeding the OSHA security codes and prismatic glazing 100% pure acrylic meet CC2 fire resistant. The glazing has a 15 years warranty against yellowing and fluting, and it filters ultraviolet rays (UV).

LUMINA HDLQ family technology embodies the most profitable investment in commercial and industrial daylighting applications. This offers an efficient collection and scattering of sunlight, block UV radiation and heat transfer, resistance and durability, maintenance-free installation. There is no other product which offers this value and technology combination.


LUMINA HDLQ is perfect to reduce operating costs in artificial lighting, air conditioning and maintenance; in industrial and commercial buildings with air conditioning or where control heat transfer to the inside is an issue. This family is suitable too for new building or as improvement on existing facilities.

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