FlexLite offers the most complete spectrum of products in skylights for optimal daylighting needs.

We specialize in design and manufacturing of prismatic, tubular and architectural skylights.


Our prismatic natural daylighting systems provide high-efficiency products with a great capacity to collect and scatter light; thermal efficiency, air and water tightness, safety and long term performance.


Gain significant savings in utility costs, thanks to solar energy use and reduce dependence on carbon-based fossil fuels.


Get acquainted with the most complete product selection to solve any requirement of natural lighting for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Be part of the advancement towards energy savings with the use of natural daylighting. FlexLite is able to measure your buildings lighting requirements and deliver the technical solution that best fits your needs.

In our products you will gain from years of R&D, considering the ruggedness, light scattering and light collection properties that we have sought in FlexLite to obtain products of unmatched performance and durability.

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