FlexLite Benefits


With FlexLite skylights technology you gain significant savings in electrical energy, use of solar energy and minimize the dependence on carbon based fossil fuels; you attain not only more pleasant environments in industry, trade and home but more satisfactory experiences enjoying daylight and light scattering of our products.


Reasons to choose FlexLite prefabricated skylights

  • Less roof opening area with FlexLite Domes.

    1. Opening. Only from 65 to 70% less opening with the same lighting level is required. That is, less heat transfer and great thermal insulation.

  • FlexLite energy savings.

    2. Return on Investment. Get savings in artificial lighting, HVAC consumption and maintenance costs in cleaning and repair.

  • 3. Watertightness. Prismatic skylight curb allows full sealing in bolted, ring-file or panel foil covers as well as Single-Ply membrane covers.

  • People working with natural lighting.4. Productivity. The staff productivity both in production lines, and office areas, will be increased significantly, as well as work environment perceptions.

  • Good lighting causes more satisfied customers and increased sales.
    Good lighting causes more satisfied customers and increased sales.

    5. Purchase satisfaction. Studies show that buying in retail and departmental stores with FlexLite systems increases the consumer’s sense to stay and buy.

  • 6. Maintenance. Maintenance-free FlexLite lighting systems do not require replenishment of fillings and sealant or cleaning.

  • 7. Long term performance. 100% guarantee for 10 year with a yellowing index less than 3%.

  • 8. Block of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. Able to block 100% UV radiation and up to 46% IR radiation, with a heat gain coefficient (SHGC-solar heat gain Coefficient) of 0.54.

  • FlexLite domes are safe.


    9. Safety. FlexLite lighting systems meets OSHA and provide resistance against fall risk with dead loads up to 1,200 lb. (545 kg) in a 4′ x 8′ (1.22m x 2.44m) skylight.

  • UL Listed10. Fire resistance. All glazings use CC2 of zero flame spread. The systems are UL listed.

  • 11. Wind and hail resistance.

  • 12. Heat transfer resistance. FlexLite systems use double acrylic or polycarbonate glazing laminates, allowing trapped air work as thermal insulator. Please check R factors available with us.
    FlexLite engineering.

  • 13. Lighting engineering. Unlike the conventional skylights lines following a roof’s exterior pattern, in Flexlite every skylight place is selected depending on the building and the inside layout.

  • FlexLite warranty.

    14. Warranty. Flexlite guarantees in writing the lighting design match lighting gained with the system installed.

  • 15. Compatibility. Daylight systems are compatible with the attenuators and artificial lighting controls in order to optimize the use of energy.

  • 16. Sustainability. FlexLite systems are energy-saving and long term performance products, so are considered in LEED certification as low environmental impact buildings.
    FlexLite sustainability.